The Girl Behind the Events 

I love jumpsuits, peach tea, and puppies!  You can find me exploring new places in Nashville with my boyfriend or enjoying a night in watching Georgia football, a Preds Hockey game, or whichever other sport is in season! Most of all, planning events is my passion. I love putting together seamless events that make my clients feel like a guest at their own party. Building relationships with my clients and bringing ideas to life are what get me up in the mornings. 

Annie Elizabeth Weir
Founder & Planner

What We Do & Why Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Events provides planning services from parties, corporate events, weddings, and everything in between! We are located in Nashville, but do weddings across Tennessee. Interested in booking us for an out of state or a destination wedding? Contact us! We are always up for an adventure! 

Wonder why I chose the name Elizabeth for my company? Fun fact: The name Elizabeth is my middle name and has been a middle name in my family for four generations. I wanted to continue the family legacy with using the name, and one day I hope to pass Elizabeth Events down to my daughter, who will also have the middle name Elizabeth. 



Nashville, TN


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